How Do You Transplant a Pygmy Date Palm?

In order to transplant a pygmy date palm, the San Francisco Chronicle says that a gardener needs the proper tools, an appropriate location and plenty of water. The necessary tools of transplantation include spades, a garden hose and burlap.

The first step of transplanting a pygmy date palm is to find a new location that gives the tree both direct sunlight and well-drained soil. The next step is to remove the tree from the old location. In order to do this, the roots need to be soaked with water using the hose, which helps prepare the roots for transplantation. The third step is to dig out the tree. The roots need to be preserved, so the gardener should use a mechanical spade and dig down into the soil three feet from the trunk of the tree. If he hits roots, than he needs to move the spade another foot away. After the tree is dug out, it is placed on the burlap sack to be transferred to the new location. Meanwhile, the gardener needs to dig a hole in the new location that is twice as wide and as deep as the tree's roots. The tree is then placed into the new hole, followed by the soil. Finally, the transplanted tree needs to be watered.