How Do You Transplant Orchids?


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To transplant an orchid, remove the plant from its original pot, brush the excess potting medium from the roots, and trim any damaged roots. Keep the rhizome of the orchid clear when repotting, and bury the rest or the roots in the new potting mix. Water and feed the orchid.

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  1. Remove the orchid from the original pot

    Water the plant to soften the soil, and remove the orchid from its pot. Work gently to lift the plant in order to prevent damage to the roots.

  2. Inspect the roots

    Brush away the remaining potting mixture from the roots of the plant and examine them. Cut away any rotted, brown or dry roots from the rhizome, and dispose of them.

  3. Transfer to the new pot

    In nature, orchids grow on trees, so they require a special potting mix that includes bark and similar substances. Prepare the new pot with potting mix, and transfer the orchid. The rhizome is the part where the roots meet the stem. When repotting the orchids, keep its rhizome clear of potting mixture.

  4. Water and feed the plant

    Once you complete the transplant, feed and water the orchid using one-quarter strength fertilizer. Choose an equally balanced fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Water the plant once or twice weekly, and feed it with quarter strength fertilizer weekly. During the dormant season, reduce feeding to once per month.

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