How Do You Transplant a Jasmine Vine?

Jasmine vines respond favorably to transplantation. The transplant procedure requires pruning clippers, a pointed shovel, burlap fabric, compost, mulch and water. The amount of time needed to transplant a jasmine vine depends on the distance between the old and new planting sites. The vine should be carefully pruned and the entire root ball dug up. The roots and any attached soil should be placed in a burlap bag for transport to the new location, where the vine can be planted with sufficient compost and then well watered and mulched.

  1. Prune the vine

    Prune the jasmine vine with clippers. Remove everything except the main stem and established adjacent growth. Don't attempt to transplant new growth.

  2. Dig around the root ball

    Dig around the vine with a pointed shovel. If the vine is more than 3 years old, dig a 16-inch circle. If the vine is younger, dig a 10-inch circle.

  3. Pry the roots from the ground

    Stick the shovel blade into the circle, press down, and wiggle it to sever the roots. Repeat this process until you separate all of the surrounding roots.

  4. Excise the root ball

    Place a piece of burlap fabric next to the vine. Insert the shovel beside the root ball, and slowly pry it out of the ground. Set the ball on the burlap, and secure the fabric around it.

  5. Move the vine to the transplant location

    Move the bundled vine to the new location, and set it on the ground.

  6. Dig a hole

    Dig a hole for the root ball. It must be as deep as the ball and twice as wide.

  7. Plant the vine

    Unwrap the root ball and place it in the hole. Cover the ball with 1 part compost to 3 parts soil.

  8. Water the vine, and add mulch

    Water the vine, and cover the roots with 3 inches of mulch.