How Do You Transplant Hydrangeas?


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Prepare soil that receives afternoon shade, and transplant hydrangeas by digging them up from their original spot and moving them to the new spot, along with a little of the old soil. Water the plant after moving it and allow it to set.

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The best time to transplant a hydrangea plant is after the plant has finished flowering or has gone dormant for the year. Weed the new area thoroughly before digging a hole. Keep the hole shallow, allowing it to be wide enough to accommodate a potentially large root ball. To remove the hydrangea from the soil, make deep cuts into the soil around the plant, loosen the entire root ball carefully, and bring it slowly to the surface.

Fill the new spot with a little of the old soil and some compost. Use a sprinkler to dampen the new spot before placing the root ball into the hole. Place the hydrangea plant into the prepared spot, fill all corners with topsoil, and pat it firmly. Use a sprinkler around the plant. Allow a transplanted hydrangea plant to set completely till spring. Use a mild compost or mulch around the plant twice a year to protect the root ball from drying out, especially during winter.

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