How Do You Transplant Holly Bushes?


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To transplant a holly bush, a gardener needs to select a good spot, dig a large hole, wet the hole, add the transplanted bush, fill it with water and soil and add mulch. Before the transplant, in autumn or winter, the gardener needs to cut the ground around the holly bush in a 20-inch diameter in order to trim the long roots.

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A holly bush can be transplanted at any time, although the best time is early spring. By this time the ground around the holly bush, cut months earlier, has new roots. The location of the new holly bush needs to have partial sun and well-drained soil, preferably acidic.

The gardener digs a deep hole anywhere from 1 to 2 feet deep. The holly bush needs to be placed in the hole without exposing the roots to sunlight. The gardener then fills the hole halfway with soil and fills the hole with water. Once the water soaks in, the hole is filled the rest of the way with soil. Finally, the plant needs to be covered with 3 inches of mulch. Organic mulch works the best. The plant should be watered regularly, although it requires less water in the fall.

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