How Do You Transplant Hibiscus Trees?

How Do You Transplant Hibiscus Trees?

Transplanting a hibiscus tree should be done during the cool season in a place with low light and moderate temperatures. Following some simple steps should make the procedure less stressful for the plant.

Use the following steps to transplant a hibiscus tree.

  1. Choose the new location
  2. Choose a place with good drainage, full sun and slightly acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

  3. Remove the plantUsing a flat shovel, dig straight down to get underneath the root ball.
  4. Dig a hole
  5. At the new planting site, dig a hole that is roughly 12 inches wider than the root ball. Be sure to thoroughly loosen the soil under where the root ball will lie.

  6. Remove the hibiscus and place it in the new location
  7. Carefully use the shovel to remove the plant. Place it in the new hole, trying not to plant it any deeper or shallower than it was in the old hole.

  8. Place the hibiscus in the new hole and fill it with soil
  9. After the hibiscus is in the new hole, slowly add soil, patting it down as you go. Press out any air pockets and water thoroughly.