How Do You Transplant a Giant Bird of Paradise?

To transplant a giant bird of paradise plant, make sure to start when the plant is young, as it can grow up to 30 feet. You need a shovel and a tarp so that after preparing, loosening and lifting the roots you can wrap the plant and transport it to its new home. Once replanted, it should be watered regularly.

  1. Prepare the roots

    Water the soil around the plant to help the roots cope with the pruning. Dig a trench around the tree that is 12 inches in diameter for every inch of trunk diameter. Cut through any lateral roots. Give the plant a month to adapt to the pruning before removing it.

  2. Prepare the new site

    Prepare the new site for the bird of paradise plant by digging a large hole. It needs to be at least twice as wide as the root ball and deep enough to hold the root system. Water the hole.

  3. Prepare the plant for removal

    Water the soil before digging up the plant. This makes digging easier and reduces the shock to roots.

  4. Remove the plant

    Place a tarp near the plant. Dig up the roots, making sure to unearth as many taproots as possible. Place the plant on its side on the tarp. Move the tarp to the new planting site.

  5. Replant the bird of paradise

    Place the bird of paradise in the new hole. Fill the hole halfway with soil. Stomp the soil down. Keep filling and stomping until full. Water the plant regularly until the roots are established.