How Do You Transplant a Fig Tree?

Transplant a fig tree by preparing the tree, pruning the branches, digging out the root ball, wrapping the tree and placing it in the new location. You need a shovel, a tarp, burlap, pruning shears and water.

  1. Prepare the tree

    Water the tree well for a few days before transplanting it.

  2. Prune the branches

    Cut back the branches, and reduce the tree by one-third. This minimizes the risk of the roots going into shock during the process, because they have a smaller tree to support.

  3. Dig out the root ball

    Dig a channel in the ground around the tree to form the root ball. Gently work the roots loose. Keep the roots wet while working.

  4. Wrap the tree

    Wrap the roots in burlap to keep them from drying out. Wrap the rest of the tree in a tarp.

  5. Prepare the new site

    Dig a new hole for the tree that is twice as wide as the root ball. Moisten the soil.

  6. Plant the tree

    Place the root ball of the tree in the hole, and fill in the extra space with soil.

  7. Water the tree

    Water the tree thoroughly upon transplantation. Add a thick layer of mulch to keep the soil and roots moist.