How Do You Transplant a Braided Money Tree Plant?

transplant-braided-money-tree-plant Credit: hopeful author/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The braided money tree is an indoor plant that consists of three to five plants with their trunks braided together. This symbol of good fortune is often given as a housewarming gift. To repot the plant and encourage growth, you need an appropriately sized pot, a wire mesh screen, potting soil, vermiculite, sand and peat moss.

  1. Clean the pot

    Wash the pot with soapy water. Rinse it in a 10 percent bleach solution to kill any plant diseases or insects that remain in the pot.

  2. Provide drainage

    If the pot does not already have a hole in the bottom, drill one. Cover the bottom of the pot with the wire mesh to prevent loss of soil. Cover the mesh with a thin layer of gravel.

  3. Mix and add the soil

    Mix equal portions of potting soil, vermiculite, sand and peat moss for the potting soil. Add about 2 inches of the soil to the bottom of the pot.

  4. Transplant the braided money tree

    Remove the tree from its original pot, and set it in the new one. Use the potting soil mix to fill the rest of the pot. Press the soil in place to provide support for the tree.

  5. Provide water

    Pour water into the pot until it begins to drip from the bottom. Braided money trees receive their nutrients from the new soil and require no fertilizer.