How Do You Transplant Bamboo?

Transplant bamboo by cutting around the plant with a chainsaw and inserting a shovel into the plant to push the roots up. Place the bamboo in a bucket of water, and dig the new hole. Insert the plant into the new hole, and cover the roots with soil and mulch.

  1. Cut around the roots

    Put on a pair of safety goggles, and start up your chainsaw. Insert it about 1 foot deep into the ground and about 1 foot away from the base of the plant. Cut all the way around the plant.

  2. Insert the shovel

    Insert the shovel into the hole you made with the chainsaw, and push it down with your hands or foot to loosen the roots. Rock the shovel back and forth until the roots break free from the ground.

  3. Place the plant into a bucket of water

    Put the plant in a bucket of water immediately after removing it from the ground.

  4. Dig the new hole

    Dig a hole in the area where you want to move the plant, and moisten the area.

  5. Insert the bamboo plant into the new hole

    Remove the plant from the bucket, and place it in the new hole. Cover the roots with soil, and saturate the area well. Spread some grass clippings or dried leaves on the base of the plant.