How Do You Transplant an Avocado Tree?

Transplant an avocado tree by choosing a new location with plenty of sun, digging a large hole for the root ball, clipping some roots, easing the plant into the ground and filling the hole with soil. You need a shovel, pruning shears, mulch and water.

  1. Choose a new location

    Choose a location in which to transplant the avocado tree that receives plenty of sunlight. Avoid placing it in a shady spot.

  2. Loosen the dirt

    Dig a large hole that is at least three times deeper and wider than the root ball of the avocado tree. Break up the dirt, and return it to the hole. Add nothing else to the soil such as fertilizer and compost that can keep it from draining properly.

  3. Dig a hole

    Dig a hole in the loosened dirt the size of the root ball.

  4. Clip roots

    Prune away any roots that wind around the root ball using pruning shears.

  5. Plant the tree

    Place the tree carefully in the hole. Fill in the hole with dirt.

  6. Mulch the tree

    Add a 6-inch layer of mulch around the tree. Make sure that the mulch is well away from the tree trunk.

  7. Water the tree

    Water the tree well immediately after transplanting.