How Do You Transplant African Violets?


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To keep African violets looking healthy and attractive, transplant them every 6 months to a year. You need a suitable container, potting material, a butter knife, a knife with a sharp blade, a saucer and a large clear plastic bag.

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  1. Prepare the new pot

    Choose a new pot that is one-third the size of the plant. Place some gravel or pieces of broken pot over the drain hole to prevent soil from escaping and then place some fresh new potting mix in the bottom of the container.

  2. Prepare and remove the plant

    Clean the plant by removing all spent, old and unhealthy leaves. Trim the bottom leaves to leave room for good air circulation. To remove the plant, put your hand on top of the pot and tip it upside-down. Squeeze the sides or tap the bottom to work the plant free. If it doesn't come loose, slide a butter knife around the edges of the container. When it's free of the pot, cut away the bottom half of the root.

  3. Replant the African violet

    Plant the African violet as deeply as it was in the old pot. Put more potting mix beneath it as needed to level it. Add soil until it is 1/2 inch from the container's edge. Place the new pot in a saucer with water, and allow it to absorb the moisture for half an hour. Afterwards, remove the excess water.

  4. Bag the plant

    Put the newly transplanted African violet into a large, clear plastic bag for 1 week. This gives it plenty of humidity and helps it overcome the trauma of the transplant.

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