How Do You Transition to a Solar Home?


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To transition into a solar home, evaluate the available solar electric systems and find a reputable company to install the solar panels. It is also a good idea to research how much money and energy can be saved by making the switch.

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Before converting to a solar system, look for local solar resources. Not every location in the U.S. provides the same resources for solar energy. The sun’s energy at any given location is a good way to determine how much solar energy is available in that area. These systems are more effective in southwest areas of the U.S., since there is more solar energy from the sun in these regions. Perform a solar system analysis to get more information.

Consider the benefits of switching to solar energy and compare them to the cost of having a new system installed. Transitioning to solar energy is an investment. Look at the utility bills from the past year or so and calculate energy consumption combined with how much money and energy can be saved.

A good solar professional is one that provides an excellent warranty and uses solar panels made in the United States. Look for a company that provides its own installation instead of outsourcing the work to other contractors. Verify its license and bonding and make sure there are not complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.

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