How Does the Trane Variable Speed Furnace Work?


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Trane variable-speed furnaces work by using a greater range of fan speeds to more precisely direct airflow to heat or cool a home, delivering enhanced efficiency and reducing the frequency of hot or cold spots during operation. Intelligent sensors determine when fan-speed changes are necessary.

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Variable-speed furnaces deliver greater efficiency for forced-air heating systems by helping to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the environment. Sensors in each unit adjust airflow as needed for optimal effectiveness, and variable-speed fans blow year-round to keep air flowing properly in each home. Trane's variable-speed furnaces allow the fan to slow by as much as 50 percent when rooms are at the desired temperature to conserve energy and ensure efficient delivery of heat or cooling. The active cooling or heating of the sensors further increases overall energy efficiency by reducing temperature swings in the home.

Smart sensing of airflow can help promote greater humidity control, maintain efficient air filtration and ensure maximum air circulation in rooms. Variable-speed furnaces from Trane also deliver quieter operation along with maximum temperature distribution. The ability of variable-speed furnaces to help trap particulate matter makes them a smart choice for people with allergies or who live in dusty climates.

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