What Are Trane Furnace Filters?


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Trane furnace filters are those made specifically for Trane-brand furnaces. Furnace filters are installed inside the air intake of a furnace. They are designed to filter out particulates in the air, protecting the furnace from damage and producing cleaner air in the area being heated.

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Furnace filters are designed to work efficiently for up to 60 days. If left in longer, the filter becomes plugged, possibly damaging the furnace. There are many types of furnace filters available, varying by brand, filter type, size, thickness and performance.

To chose the correct filter, first determine the measurements of the needed filter and the model. Choose the desired thickness and performance rating. Filters are rated by a scale of 4 (good) to 10 (premium). A good filter removes large airborne contaminants, whereas a premium filter removes almost all airborne particles.

Airborne particles include mold spores, which irritate the respiratory system; dander from pets, which causes allergies in some individuals; and dust-mite waste. A home can also contain up to 40 pounds of general dust a year. Up to 72 trillion allergens enter the average home in a day. Modern air-tight homes hold these allergens in, causing indoor air to become up to four times more polluted than outdoor air.

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