What Is a Trane Ductulator?


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The Trane ductulator is a handheld rotating calculator used by heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals for sizing supply and return duct systems in buildings using the equal friction method. They are available for sale directly from Trane.com along with the associated psychometric charts used for understanding thermodynamic parameters.

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The Trane ductulator has the ability to calculate numerous factors, such as friction loss per unit length, air volume, air velocity, round duct diameter and rectangular duct diameters. However, the main function of the ductulator is to use the equal friction method to calculate the size of a duct. The equal friction method is a seven step equation that takes into account factors, such as the size of the system, amount of air that needs to be circulated and potential maximum airflow. The result of the equal friction method with show what size the vents should be.

In addition to calculating duct sizes, the Trane ductulator can also calculate potential LEED compliance, which measures the energy consumption and sustainability of a given building. LEED compliance and comparison charts are available for free on Trane.com or at numerous other websites. Ductulators are available for sale on Trane.com for $10, however the accompanying eight psychometric charts, cost over $60 total.

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