What Is a Trane Condensing Unit?


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A condensing unit is a system that works with a residential or commercial air conditioner to cool the air through the use of Earth-cooled air, water-cooled air or a combination of air and water. Trane is a manufacturer of air conditioning systems throughout the world.

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Air conditioning condensing units use air or water to reject heat that is absorbed in the residential home or commercial business. The condenser fan blade, motor and coils work within the condensing unit.

Air-based condensing units take in high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas distributed from the compressor and turn it into high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant. Heat from within the home or business is transferred to AC evaporator coils and eventually to the AC condensing unit and comes in contact with the liquid refrigerant. The condensing unit rejects the heat and begins the process again to cool the indoor environment.

As a leading provider of air conditioning systems and condenser units, Trane models are constructed of galvanized steel that provides additional coil protection to strengthen the unit. Each unit is finished with air-dry paint and phosphatized. Some condenser units offered by Trane feature 3-D scroll compressors, resulting in fewer parts to maintain. The scroll eliminates the need for connecting rods, wrist pins, valves and pistons on Trane units.

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