What Is a Trane Chiller?


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A Trane chiller is a refrigeration system designed to cool, dehumidify and circulate the air of a large building, and is manufactured by the Trane brand, a member of the Ingersoll Rand family. The brand offers air-cooled, compressor, water-cooled and absorption liquid chillers.

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Trane chillers are designed to efficiently condition the air while minimizing noise levels and offering maximum energy efficiency. Trane chillers cool more than half of all of the world's large buildings, as stated on the official website as of 2015. The brand's air-cooled chillers include helical rotary models with simple designs for increased reliability and lower life cycle costs, and the scroll models are built for easy installation and increased operating efficiency. The large line of water-cooled chillers offers products ranging from 20 to 4,000 tons with long-lived equipment.

Trane's compressor chillers work with condensers to provide cold water without freeze protection, which is known to decrease performance. The absorption liquid chillers use heat to produce cold water while consuming minimal amounts of electricity to run the system. Hot water, steam or another heat source may be used to drive the refrigeration cycle. Trane also offers ancillary chiller water plant equipment such as refrigerant monitors, cooling towers, ice storage units and machines from Napps.

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