What Is a Trane Air Conditioner?


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A Trane air conditioner is an area temperature-control unit featuring the Trane brand, which is owned by Ingersoll Rand. Trane offers over a dozen self-contained AC units with various prices and features.

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Generally, Trane's more expensive models feature higher energy efficiency and quieter operation due to more sophisticated design. Trane air conditioners are rated to condition rooms of various sizes. These devices are engineered and designed with a high level of sophistication. Each Trane AC unit is backed with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

As of February 2015, all Trane air conditioners are uniformly gray or black in color. James Trane, a self-made Norwegian immigrant, founded Trane in 1885 in Wisconsin. Though originally a plumbing company, Trane soon became known in the heating world through inventions by James Trane and his son Reuben. When Trane started designing air conditioning units in 1931, air conditioning was still a new, innovative concept.

In 1938, Trane's Turbovac refrigeration machine set a new standard for air conditioning large buildings. Over the following decades, Trane continued to innovate in air conditioning, while also branching out into building automation and energy management. Originally, Trane focused on air conditioning commercial buildings. Trane became a leader in residential air conditioning following its 1982 purchase of GE's central air-conditioning division.

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