What Are the Traits of a Great Handheld Vacuum?


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Traits of a great handheld vacuum cleaner include lightness, a long battery life, a large storage capacity and a warranty. Some buyers may want to seek out handheld vacuum cleaners that have extras, such as a wet/dry option or a motorized brush attachment, depending on their needs.

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The weight of a handheld vacuum cleaner can affect how comfortable it is to use, especially for extended periods of time. A great handheld vacuum cleaner should also have a comfortable handle. A wall-mounted charging system is the most convenient option, and it is also important to seek out a model with a long battery life.

A great handheld vacuum cleaner should have a large capacity and an easy emptying system. Some models can be emptied without dirtying the hands, but others may require the user to handle messy filters. Although they usually require less maintenance, handheld vacuums do not normally last as long as standard vacuum cleaners. For this reason, buying a handheld vacuum with a good warranty is highly recommended.

Some users may require additional features, such as upholstery brush attachments, extension wands or crevice attachments. Before buying a device, it is a good idea to consider how and where it is going to be used.

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