What Are Some Traits of Afghan Throw Blankets?

What Are Some Traits of Afghan Throw Blankets?

Afghans are knitted or crocheted throw blankets. They are often used as bedspreads or draped over armchairs and are good for providing a lightweight layer of warmth. There are three main kinds of afghan, including the mile-a-minute afghan, the join-as-you-go afghan and the motif afghan.

Mile-a-minute afghans are made from a single piece of knitted material. For those who are just beginning to knit, mile-a-minute afghans are the easiest kind of afghan to make. Mile-a-minute afghans typically have a stripe motif.

Join-as-you-go afghans are made from numerous squares that each begin where the previous square leaves off. The join-as-you-go method is also referred to as the JAYGO method. JAYGO style afghans are made by knitting together adjacent squares with a shared outer band of crocheted yarn. The squares used in the JAYGO method are often called granny squares.

Granny squares resemble small quilt squares. Each square features various colors of yarn and can be made using a variety of different patterns.

Motif afghans are also made by joining together many different granny squares, but in motif afghans, each square is individually completed before it is attached to the main throw. Motif afghans can feature a wide variety of patterns. Advanced afghan making techniques include lace-like weaves or other such intricate designs.