What Training Is Needed to Read Wiring Diagrams?


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To read and understand electrical wiring diagrams, it's necessary to understand what the different parts are and what they do, and a diagram can help. A basic training course in electronics involves learning more about these components and how they fit together.

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What Training Is Needed to Read Wiring Diagrams?
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To read basic wiring diagrams for home tinkering, instructions from the Internet are readily available. Some of the most common symbols seen on a wiring diagram are a jagged line denoting a resistor and a set of parallel lines denoting a power source such as a battery or outlet. The wiring is also indicated by color with two-letter codes, such as WH for white, RD for red, or BK for black. These are neutral, hot and hot respectively that carry current. Before working with any wiring, ensure the diagram is understood to prevent injury or death.

The time it takes to receive an electrical engineering degree varies depending on the degree sought. An associate's degree, for example, typically takes two years' worth of classes. A bachelor's degree takes about four years and is usually the minimum requirement for an electrical engineering job. Subsequent programs are the master's degree and doctorate, which can take up to 10 years combined.

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