What Are Some Traditional Home Staircase Designs?


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Traditional home staircases revolve around a few designs, such as the straight, the spiral or the curved ones. Each of them is suitable for a given circumstance, and users should choose the ideal design with respect to the overall house design and other limits that may exist.

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Spiral staircases are best when space constraints are present. These staircases have an extremely small footprint, but users may find that acclimation to them takes time. They may pose falling dangers for children or those who are unsteady on their feet.

Curved staircases are a large-scale variant of spiral staircases, although the overall curvature does not surpass 90 degrees. Such a staircase design is ideal when space is not a constraint and where the aspect of the hall is more important.

The most traditional home staircase design is that of a straight staircase. Such staircases are usually next to a wall, and they provide for straightforward access between two stories. Placing a small closet underneath the stairs, accessible from the lower floor, is a possible enhancement of such a design. The materials employed in building the staircase, especially when it comes to the railings, can have a profound influence on the visual effect of each traditional design.

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