How Are Traditional Dining Rooms Decorated?

How Are Traditional Dining Rooms Decorated?

Traditional dining rooms are decorated sparingly with elegant furniture and neutral walls; they often contain a long, narrow dining table and elegant chairs, along with an overhead chandelier and a large mirror to add more light. Blue is a traditional wall color, according to Houzz. In classic rooms, homeowners showcase beautiful paintings and artwork, but ensure those pieces align with the overall theme or mood.

When decorating a traditional dining room, people can look to several styles for inspiration. Common themes include: Old Greenwich Shingle, Farrand, Southern Mississippi, Mid-century Collected, Rustic and Grand Estates.

For large spaces, Old Greenwich Shingle is a fitting choice. This decoration features a wooden table; simple but charming centerpieces, such as stemware or a clear vase, add subtle but attractive detail. White chairs surround the table, and white walls complete the scene.

Southern Mississippi is a decorating theme for Southern homes. It features a long, dark, polished wooden table and cushioned matching chairs. A soft carpet beneath the set, ideally in white or a pale pastel, atop dark hardwood floors makes a stunning finish. Decorations can include large candle displays, artwork such as hunting scenes or landscapes, a crystal chandelier and floral centerpiece.

For smaller spaces, a Grand Estates style works well. A small, glass-topped table with sideboards and matching, cushioned chairs take center stage. Painting the walls a shade of yellow makes the room look bigger and brighter, notes Raymour and Flanigan. People can place artwork showcasing cities or landscapes for old-world charm.