What Are Some Tractors by Yanmar?


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Some tractors from Yanmar include the SA series, LX series, LXHST series, EX series and SX series, as of 2015. The company sells several tractor models in each of these series, in addition to other machinery.

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The SA series from Yanmar has three different models: the 221, 324 and 424. Each of the models comes in several different trims. For instance, the 221 model has the 221 TL, 221 TLD, 221 TLB and 221 TD. Furthermore, the tractors fit into certain categories, such as sub-compact, compact, compact utility and track trailers. There are trailers of all sizes from Yanmar, from those small enough for residential properties to those large enough to handle many acres of land.

One of the smaller tractors from Yanmar is the 221, which is available in two trims: the 221XHI, which is for industrial use, and the 221XHT for turf use. This tractor is a good upgrade from an ordinary garden tractor, and it can handle tough tasks. This is a diesel tractor with a comfort seat, and it has a full-frame chassis and one-touch on and off switch.

One of the larger tractors from Yanmar is the SX3100, which is a 31-horsepower machine. This tractor features both industrial and turf models, and has a direct-injection diesel engine. Optional equipment include backhoes, mowers, loaders and rotary cutters.

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