What Are Tractor-Pulled Bush Hogs?


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Tractor-pulled bush hogs are special rotary mowers designed to cut tall brush over uneven terrain without sustaining damage to either the blades or the mower's drive system. Tractor-pulled bush hogs are similar to other types of field and brush mowers, but instead of carrying their own power sources, these pieces of equipment get their power from a tractor via a power take-off connection.

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While tractor-pulled bush hogs look similar to regular lawnmowers, the devices are actually quite different. On a lawnmower, the blade is attached to a shaft which is directly attached to the mower's engine. This, in conjunction with the fact that lawnmower blades are kept quite sharp, lets a lawnmower make very clean cuts on uniform grasses over level terrain.

A tractor-pulled bush hog hangs its blades from hinges attached to one or more drive spindles. This means that bush hog blades are not held rigidly in place, but they wobble somewhat during operation. When a brush hog blade hits a rock, tree stump or uneven patch of ground, it bounces up and away from the bottom of the spindle before centrifugal forces cause the blade to travel back into operating position. This feature allows a bush hog to mow over very rough terrain without stalling or damaging the drive system. Bush hog blades are also kept quite dull, causing them to chop through brush rather than slicing it cleanly like a lawnmower.

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