What Are Some Towle Sterling Silver Patterns?

What Are Some Towle Sterling Silver Patterns?

Some Towle sterling silver patterns are Chippendale, French Provincial, Grand Duchess, Old Newbury Gold, and Queen Elizabeth, as well as Candlelight. The Chippendale pattern was inspired by the English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale and was made in the style of one of the graceful legs of his chairs. There's also a variant called English Chippendale.

The French Provincial pattern is understated but still elegant, with delicate floral patterns and scrollwork.

A more ornate pattern is Grand Duchess, whose handle sports a beaded cartouche surrounded by scrolling foliage and floral accents. These accents are echoed at the top of the handle, just beneath the tines. It is a fairly recent creation of the company, which was founded in 1690. Grand Duchess debuted in 1973.

Old Newbury Gold is the only pattern of Towle's that has a gold accent down the length of the handle. The design is modest and dominated by beading.

Towle's has been in business such a long time that its Queen Elizabeth pattern does not commemorate Elizabeth II, but Elizabeth I. It is a pattern made of bold curves and feels pleasingly heavy in the hand. These attributes make it Towle's' most popular sterling silver pattern.

The Candlelight pattern has a type of Old English handle decorated down the sides with intricate silver brocading. It was introduced in 1934.