What Are the Total Supplies Needed to Paint the Exterior of a House?


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Supplies needed to paint the exterior of a house include exterior flat or eggshell paint, exterior semigloss paint, a paint scraper and stain-blocking primer. Other necessary materials include a paint sprayer, pressure washer, medium-grit sanding block and epoxy filler.

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A paintbrush, spackle knife, ladder and painter's tape are needed to paint the exterior of a house. A caulk gun with exterior caulk is also required. Drop cloths and plastic sheeting should be used to prevent a mess.

The first step is to use the pressure washer to completely clean the walls. Next, any damage in the walls should be repaired with epoxy filler. After the epoxy filler dries, it can be sanded down with the medium-grit sanding block.

The next step is to remove old, loose paint with a paint scraper. Next, the caulk gun is used to fill any gaps around doors, windows or house trim with exterior caulk. Stain-blocking primer can be applied to any stains or knots.

In preparation for the paint job, plastic sheeting and drop cloths should cover any surfaces that should not be painted. Flat or eggshell exterior paint can be applied with the paint sprayer, and the window and door frames can be painted with the semigloss paint and a paintbrush. Some homeowners may wish to apply a second coat for more protection and a deeper color.

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