How Do You Get a Toro Snowblower to Start?

How Do You Get a Toro Snowblower to Start?

To start a Toro snow blower, check the fuel tank and add more fuel if necessary, set the throttle to fast and fully engage the choke. Turn the ignition key to on, press the primer bulb three times and pull the starter rope.

If the snow blower does not start after several pulls of the rope and this is the first time it has been used for the season, the likely cause is old fuel. If fuel is over 30 days old, empty the tank and add fresh fuel. Then try the starting procedure again.

Once the snow blower starts, open the choke about one-quarter of the way. As the engine warms, open it to the half-way point and then open it fully. The snow blower is ready for use.

Before starting any small engine take the time to check the oil. The oil provides lubrication and cooling as the engine operates. If it is low, add more oil, but do not overfill the reservoir.

Make your snow blower easier to start next season by following the directions in the operator’s manual for off-season storage. Drain the fuel tank or add a fuel stabilizer. Remove the spark plug and add a small amount of motor oil to the piston. Cover the snow blower before storing it to keep it free of dust.