Is Topsoil Good for Growing Plants?

Topsoil is good for growing plants and has a special affinity for vegetables, according to ATAK Trucking. Experienced gardeners often combine the topsoil with small amounts of fertilizer, mulch and other plant-loving compounds. One of the greatest roadblocks to proper topsoil planting is inadequate topsoil thickness. Inadequate plant spacing is also a serious detriment to success.

According to The Telegraph, basic topsoil garden borders and small tree plantings require a minimum topsoil depth of about 16 inches. Exceeding the minimum does no harm. The Telegraph suggests estimating the required volume of topsoil by multiplying the given area by the recommended depth for the plants intended to grow there.

According to Topsoil Info, the best locations for topsoil planting receive moderate sunshine and rain. Excessive sunlight and inadequate water dehydrate the topsoil and make it inhospitable to growing plants. In dry climates, Topsoil Info recommends mixing mulch into the topsoil to help it retain moisture.

Michelle Z. Donahue, a writer for the San Francisco Gate, recommends choosing plants based on the type of topsoil already present. For example, most perennials do not tolerate sandy soil. Donahue also suggests improving topsoil drainage by mixing compost into the soil before planting. Manure is another excellent topsoil additive that increases its bio-available nutrients and improves its ability to sustain new plants.