What Are the Top Ten Things About Air Conditioners?


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The top ten things about air conditioners can be split into three categories: how air conditioners function, key problem areas and usage optimization. These ten facts constitute the basics of air conditioning knowledge and operation.

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What Are the Top Ten Things About Air Conditioners?
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There are different types of air conditioners. All types work by moving the heat inside of the home to the outside. The cool air pumped into the home by air conditioners pushes the hot air outside. Prior to the invention of the modern air conditioner, this was accomplished by blowing air over large chunks of ice. All air conditioners are designed to meet a certain load. If environmental conditions change, such as the weather or amount of heat produced in the home increases, the air conditioner may not be able to meet the new load requirements. Additionally, if the cooling agent in the air conditioner, known as the refrigerant, leaks, the machine will be unable to successfully push the hot air outside of the home. Most air conditioners have a duct system designed to distribute the cool air throughout the home. Making sure these are properly sealed ensures no cold air is wasted and thus increases energy efficiency. Additionally, selecting an air conditioner well suited to the local climate demands will optimize usage.

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