What Are Some Top-Rated Home Windows Based on Consumer Reviews?

Some top-rated home windows based on consumer reviews and reports are the Anderson 400 series, Simonton Pro-Finish Contractor, Integrity from Marvin Ultrex and American Craftsman by Anderson 70 series. The Anderson 400 series is a double-hung wood window design, while the Simonton Pro-Finish is a vinyl double-hung design.

The Integrity is also a double-hung window design. However the window is manufactured from fiberglass rather than vinyl or wood. Finally, the American Craftsman 70 series is a casement style window that is built from vinyl.

The Anderson 400 window reviews supplied by ConsumerReports.org all rate the window very highly, with the lowest review rating being four out of five stars. Reviewers point to the durability and the architectural compatibility of the windows as their best features.

The consumer reviews for the Integrity from Marvin Ultrex windows are also favorable, with no reviews ranking the windows below five out of five stars. Customers especially appreciate the sturdiness, low maintenance and appearance of the windows. One consumer did note the inconvenience of having to buy the windows directly from Marvin Ultrex certified dealers and the middle-range price as being potential drawbacks to the Integrity windows. However, these drawbacks did not prevent the consumer from saying that he would recommend the windows to a friend.