What Are Some Top-Rated Flea Bombs?

Some of the top-rated flea bombs are Raid Flea Foggers, Zodiac Flea Bomb and Hot Shot Flea Bombs. When treating for fleas, treat the outdoor yard, the pet and the inside of the home.

The Raid Flea Fogger does not have environment damaging CFCS and it is a quick-killing pesticide. It can control fleas for up to 4 months, but only if actively treating pets for fleas as well.

The Zodiac Flea Bomb not only kills live adult fleas, but it is kills the eggs, larvae and ticks. It does not have an unpleasant odor.

The Hot Shot Flea Bomb is great for killing all different kinds of pests, not just fleas. It can kill fleas, lice, ticks and bed bugs. The canisters are also larger, covering a broad area.