What Are the Top Rated Electric Garage Heaters?

What Are the Top Rated Electric Garage Heaters?

Some of the top electric garage heaters of 2015 include the Fahrenheat FUH54, Dr. Heater DR966, NewAir G73 and Dimplex DGWH4031, according to Best Reviews. These garage heaters all receive favorable reviews for their quick heating and reliability.

Fahrenheat’s FUH54 takes home top marks for its strong and steady heat output. Best Reviews also notes that the unit is both durable and reliable, with a longer lifespan than most other garage heaters. The unit is a bit pricier than other models, but reviewers argue that the quality of its construction and operation are worth the price.

Dr. Heater offers the DR966, which features adjustable louvers for direct airflow, putting the machine ahead of other competitors. Reviewers praise the unit’s steady operation and reasonable price but note that it does not offer the highest temperature output.

NewAir’s G73 receives praise for its easy installation, which requires no plugs for use. Capable of heating up to 500 square feet, the unit performs well, but some users note that the thermostat occasionally malfunctions. Others comment that the unit is overpriced for its performance.

The Dimplex DGWH4031 wins acclaim as the best value-priced garage heater. Reviewers note that the unit heats garages of all size consistently, quickly and reliably, though it does occasionally rattle. The unit is a practical choice for users seeking functionality at a reasonable price.