What Are Some Top-Rated Brands of Popover Pans?

Some top-rated brands of popover pans are Chicago, Baker’s Advantage and Fox Run, according to Cooks Illustrated. The best pans release baked goods simply, are easy to handle and create a round popover shape.

Cooks Illustrated compares pans based on how the pan handles in and out of the oven, how well it releases the baked goods and how attractive the final result is with emphasis on shape and color. Typically, tall cups with a gentle flare create tops of the rolls that balloon nicely. Chicago, Baker’s Advantage and Fox Run all have nicely shaped cups, but Chicago has a darker finish, conducting more heat and cooking the batter quicker for taller, airier popovers. Cooks Illustrated highly recommends the Chicago non-stick, metallic 6-cup popover pan.