What Are Some of the Top-Rated Brands of Cookware Made in the U.S.?


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Some top-rated brands of cookware made in the United States are All-Clad and some lines of Calphalon. USA Pan Cookware is also solely made in the USA.

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All-Clad is one of the most popular cookware manufacturers in the United States. It is the only bonded cookware manufacturer that utilizes American-made steel and employs American artisans to handcraft every single piece of All-Clad cookware. The all-American manufacturer of bakeware and cookware utensils produces quality products from its headquarters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. All-Clad cookware is available at retail stores and on All-Clad's online store.

Calphalon cookware used to be made solely in Toledo, Ohio, until Newell-Rubbermaid bought the Calphalon Corporation in 1998. While most of the Calphalon collections are now made in China, Calphalon Unison nonstick cookware continues to be manufactured in the United States. Calphalon Elite is another line of cookware developed and manufactured in the U.S. through the collaboration between Calphalon and Williams-Sonoma. It is best to purchase a Calphalon cookware from a brick-and-mortar store to ensure that the cookware is made in the USA.

USA Pan Cookware manufactures cookware and bakeware in its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is not as popular as Calphalon or All-Clad, but it claims to offer the same superior quality as other commercial brands. USA Pan cookware and bakeware are available online and in retail stores.

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