What Are Some Top-Rated Brands of Collapsible Two-Wheel Carts?

What Are Some Top-Rated Brands of Collapsible Two-Wheel Carts?

On Amazon.com the highest-rated brands of collapsible two-wheel carts include Magna Cart, Seville and Wesco. All of these brands have collapsible two-wheel carts, also called hand trucks, with average user ratings of at least four stars out of five as of October 2015. Notably the Magna Cart personal 150-pound folding hand truck has received an average rating of 4.5 stars based on over 1,900 reviews, many of which state that it is perfect for common moving tasks.

Best Reviews also recommends Magna Cart as well as Vergo. Best Reviews named the latter the best of the best amongst hand trucks, including noncollapsible competitors.

Positive reviews for the Magna Cart indicate that it is extremely handy for relatively lightweight moving tasks. Several users report using it in warehouses.Thee cart receives praise for being compact enough to take camping and to store easily.

The few negative comments regarding Magna Cart include that the folding mechanism gets in the way of the cart's balance. It may be too short for use by taller people.

Seville's top-rated cart received similar reviews, but many users indicated that it is structurally weaker than some competitors, including the Magna Cart. The top-rated carts for Wesco and Vergo also received generally glowing reviews praising their compact designs and carrying capacities.