What Are Some Top-Rated Battery-Operated Trimmers?

Several top-rated battery-operated trimmers include Black & Decker LST136, Core CGT400 and Recharge Tools 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hrass Trimmer/Edger, as stated by both Popular Mechanics and Consumer Search. The weights and features vary on these trimmers, ranging between six and 11 lbs.

The Black & Decker LST136 receives high scores for its automatic line feed, larger battery and the PowerCommand dial that lets users adjust the cutting between heavy grass and light. The 36-volt battery lets users go longer without having to recharge or change out batteries as often. This model of cordless cutter weighs in at just eight lbs. While this is heavy overall for a cordless trimmer, it is not the heaviest out of the higher rated models.

The Recharge Tools trimmer is very light at six lbs. It is popular for the price, weight, push-button start and the fact that it doesn't use string. This trimmer doesn't use accessories, but has a swivel cutting head that helps achieve a closer trim.

The Core CGT400 is the heaviest at 11 lbs. and the highest in price, notes Popular Mechanics. The trimmer is made to look like a gas-powered trimmer and has a sleek design. It has a lot of power and gives a very smooth cut with a 14-inch cutting path. Being battery-powered, it is much quieter than a gas model even though it weighs as much as some gas trimmers.