What Are the Top Five Tips to Being Organized When Selling Quilts?

What Are the Top Five Tips to Being Organized When Selling Quilts?

The top five tips to staying organized when selling quilts mirror those of any home business. According to Organization Direct, these include keeping a separate home office, having the most current files easily accessible, developing a filing system for paperwork, using a calendar to schedule everything and using folders to organize emails.

First, dedicating a home office space that is only for selling quilts can help keep the focus on the business. The separate office can be an entire room or a corner of a bedroom. Regardless of where the office is located, it must be able to hold all of the inventory and paperwork in an organized fashion.

Second, keep the current and most used files in clearly labeled folders and organizers in the office. Making them easy to access streamlines the process of selling quilts.

Third, keep all paperwork stored in filing cabinets. Use clearly labeled folders and organize information from oldest to newest.

Fourth, use a calendar to schedule everything from payment due dates to selling events. Place the calendar where it is easily viewed from the office.

Finally, rather than keeping every email in the inbox, create folders that are labeled by vendor or date. Doing so reduces the time and effort associated with finding specific information.