What Are Top Features of Ozone Generator Appliances?


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Ozone generators disinfect and sanitize rooms while removing odors. These devices are particularly well-suited for eliminating persistent smells like those caused by tobacco or decaying flesh. Ozone generators can also purify water and can even remove smells from clothing.

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Many modern ozone generators include digital timers for precisely timing ozone generation sessions. Other leading units feature wall mounts and other accessories to further improve ease of use. Some units offer adjustable ozone concentration levels. This is ideal for situations when ozone treatment is necessary but the affected area must be habitable within a short time. Because prolonged exposure to ozone can create health hazards, ozone generators are typically operated in uninhabited rooms.

Traditional ozone generators use a component called a corona discharge tube and intake ambient air to generate ozone. Another type of ozone generator uses ultraviolet light to generate ozone. Though they tend to be less expensive, these ozone generators produce low-concentration ozone and are not ideal for treating rapid steams of air or water. Contrasting with traditional corona discharge ozone generators, ultraviolet generators are rated to operate well in humid environments.

Over time, ozone can cause metal to deteriorate; hence, many modern ozone generators ensure that ozone only contacts glass parts during dispersion.

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