What Are the Top 10 Tips for Choosing a New Carpet?


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Tips for choosing a new carpet include consideration of the expected wear, such as frequent foot traffic or heavy furniture placement, which may dictate carpet durability, the space to be carpeted and its size. Using the wrong carpet on stairs, for example, can result in snagging where the carpet bends, and because carpet is usually sold in 12 and 15 foot widths, seam placement may be an issue in narrow rooms.

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Room size can also impact color selection; darker colors tend to make a room appear smaller, while lighter colors tend to make a small room seem larger.

To verify the quality of a carpet, bend the carpet sample backward. If the carpet's backing is easily visible when bent, the carpet is of lower quality and will crush more easily than carpet with more densely packed fibers. It is also important to consider the face weight or number of ounces of fiber per square yard, usually ranging from 20 to 80; a higher number reflects a heavier, more durable carpet. Also confirm the type of fiber construction, either bulked continuous filament or staple. Fiber construction does not impact the long-term durability of the carpet, but staple fibers can shed for up to a year.

Experts also recommend a 10-year texture retention warranty at minimum. If staining is a concern, for example in dining rooms or homes with pets, the level of stain protection and related warranties are also important considerations. Lastly, it is important to recognize that the cost per square foot of carpet does not typically include installation and related costs.

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