What Are the Top 10 Interior Paint Colors?

What Are the Top 10 Interior Paint Colors?

What Are the Top 10 Interior Paint Colors?

The top 10 interior paint colors range from muted browns, yellows and blues to gray colors. These shades are understated and more likely to complement the room rather than overwhelm.

Interior wall paint selection is an important decision for homeowners. The wall should be attractive without being too bold and dominating. Some colors are more popular than others for this job.

  • Classic gray
  • - This is a light, modern gray that serves as an excellent alternative to white walls.

  • Amazing gray
  • - A slightly darker shade with some green added to increase interest.

  • Sage morsel
  • - A greener shade of gray, lovely muted color to hint at gardens and stone landscaping.

  • Blue arrow
  • - Those wanting a little more color in their walls can turn to this soft, but dirty robin's egg blue.

  • Safari vest
  • - Add a bit of the jungle to the walls with this very neutral shade.

  • Clay beige
  • - A neutral beige with hints of red clay, this color warms the room without being too red.

  • Cinderblock
  • - Another warm color, but still very neutral so homeowners can enjoy a light, airy living room or reading area.

  • Warm caramel
  • - A deeper, richer shade of Savory Beige.

  • Gervase yellow
  • - This cool yellow shade is lively and brightens up a room instantly.

  • Restrained gold
  • - Go for something a little classier with this shade that complements many other colors.