What Are the Top 10 Colors for Granite?

Beige, brown, black, white and jewel tones are the most popular granite colors, according to ImproveNet.com. Exotic colors such as Blanco Romano, sea foam, Costa Esmeralda, Santa Cecelia and Venetian gold are some other popular colors, according to design blogs such as Kitchen Magic and Houzz.

While pure white granite is hard to find, white based granite with metallic or colorful flecks is a popular color. The white color reflects light, making kitchens look larger. Blanco Romano is a white-based granite with beige and gray flecks.

Beige is a neutral color, so it is a popular choice for granite countertops. Beige warms the color palette of the kitchen. According to Kitchen Magic, Santa Cecelia and Venetian gold are popular granite choices. Both colors are beige based with different metallic flecks. Brown is also a warm neutral. It can be harder to match with natural wood cabinets, however, making this hue less popular than beige. ImproveNet.com suggests brown granite for a rustic or country style kitchen.

Black granite is a modern color. Homeowners typically choose a high gloss to give black granite a more dramatic look. Colored granite, such as red and green, is less common than other hues. However, the design blog Houzz.com reports that both Costa Esmeralda and seafoam are popular green colors for granite.