What tools are useful for faucet removal?


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The most essential tools for faucet removal are an adjustable wrench, a pipe wrench, a wrench set and slip joint pliers. A basin wrench is a long tool specifically designed for removing hard-to-reach faucet clamps from the underside of sinks. It is useful with older faucet assemblies but unnecessary for newer faucets featuring wing nuts that can be removed by hand. Screwdrivers may be required to remove basin screws, and a hammer is needed for moving anything that won't budge.

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Penetrating fluid can be applied to stubborn nuts and screws. Corroded pipes and supply tubes are likely to need replacing when a new faucet is installed. A tube cutter and handsaw are necessary to do this. Fine grit sandpaper can be used to tidy up cut ends of copper tubing to ensure an easy fit with a compression ring.

If shut off valves aren't already fitted to the existing supply tubes, it is advisable to install these at the same time one replaces the faucet. This makes future maintenance simpler.

Despite the best intentions and preparation, it is highly likely that extra parts or tools are required to finish the job. Where possible, plan on replacing the faucet during store hours, and allow plenty of time to complete the work.

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