What Tools Are Required to Install Swing Gate Hinges?


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The tools necessary to install swing gate hinges include a socket set, a level, a hammer and a pair of pliers. Depending on the style of gate and the condition of the surroundings, the job may also call for a drill, a portable winch, a measuring tape and string.

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Swing gates use a type of hinge that allows for a horizontal movement across the ground from two or more joints that connect directly to the gate door and the adjoining wall. The installation process begins with measuring the wall opening with a measuring tape to determine the size of the gates, with some smaller areas only calling for a single gate. This allows the contractor to account for the appropriate amount of space between the gate and the wall, as most hinges include a metal joint section that protrudes rather than lying completely flush with either component.

Run a string across the open area between the two posts or walls to determine the lowest possible point for hanging the gates, measuring with the level to make sure it doesn't run at an angle. Tie the string in place and begin attaching the hinges to the gates at the designated areas with the socket set, or by drilling holes to create your own openings. Hoist the gates up and line the bottom with the string so that you may attach the hinge to the wall, possibly using the hammer or pliers to adjust the connecting brace as necessary.

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