What Tools Are Required for an Attic Fan Installation?


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The tools that are required to install an attic fan are a hammer, drill, measuring tape and sabre saw. A reciprocating saw and a caulk applicator are also necessary if the homeowner needs to install a shutter or cut a new vent hole.

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Before installing an attic fan, the homeowner must use a measuring tape and a sabre saw to mark and cut a piece of mounting plywood. The fan is then screwed on to the plywood using a drill. To complete the installation, the plywood base is nailed to the framing around the attic vent with a hammer and nails.

Additional tools may be necessary if the existing vent is not big enough to hold the new fan. The homeowner must remove the screws or nails around the old vent with a drill or hammer. A reciprocating saw is used to cut away the old blocking boards, and a sabre saw cuts through the wall to make a new vent hole. The homeowner then installs a shutter in the opening with wood screws and a drill, and seals the edges with a scraper and caulk. Finally, the old blocking boards are nailed back into place around the shutter to support the new fan.

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