What Tools Does the RCBS Reloading Equipment Include?


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As of 2015, RCBS offers two reloader kits with different equipment. Reloading, or handloading, is the process of assembling the individual components for shotgun shells or firearm cartridges.

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The RCBS Reloader Special-5 Explorer Single Stage Press Kit is a starter kit. It includes the reloading press, which has a 3/4-inch hand clearance, 30-degree opening offset and a primer arm. The single stage reloading press has the capability of being converted to a progressive press. Also included in the kit is a powder measure used to throw charge into the cylinder or cartridge case. The powder measure consists of a measuring cylinder and a main casting along with two drop tubes.

The starter kit also includes a 1,500-grain digital pocket scale used to measure the charge, a reloading manual, loading block, a hand priming tool for eliminating tray detonation and a deburring tool. The deburring tool gets rid of the burrs at the mouth of bullet casings. The kit also includes a powder funnel, case spray lube for the exterior of casings and a powder trickler for fine-tuning the reloading process.

RCBS Reloader Special-5 Explorer Plus Single Stage Press Kit includes all of the above as well as additional tools. The Plus kit includes an advanced powder measure stand for elevation, a bullet puller for pulling apart the bullet from the case, a dial caliper for measuring, a smaller cylinder, die lock rings and shell holders.

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