What Tools Are Needed for Safe Rangehood Installation?


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A range hood installation requires a screwdriver, a reciprocating saw, a hammer and an electric drill and drill bits. Wire cutters, a wire stripper, a cable ripper, cable connectors and wire caps are necessary for the electrical work. A range hood, appropriate duct work and wall cap are also necessary.

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The first step in a range hood installation is to mark the wall for cable and duct work holes using the range hood as a guide. A hole deep enough to reach to the outside of the wall is then drilled at each corner of the duct work marking and the cable mark using a long drill bit. On the outside wall, a line is drawn connecting the four holes to act as a guide, and the resulting rectangle is cut out using a reciprocating saw. The duct is threaded through this hole, and the wall cap is attached to the end.

Inside, the wiring is run through the cable hole from a receptacle. The wiring is stripped and clamped to the range hood, and then the hood is mounted securely by driving screws into wall studs or surrounding cabinets. The white wire is then spliced to the white lead, the black wire to the black lead and the ground wire to the green lead. The wires are folded into place and covered with the electrical cover, the fan and filter are reattached and the power is turned onto the range hood.

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