What Tools Are Needed to Replace a Basement Window?


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Tools needed to replace a basement window include a screwdriver, caulking gun, tape measure, brush and hammer. A cold chisel, reciprocating saw and utility knife are also handy in the installation. Ask a friend to help you install the window.

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To replace a basement window, first measure the height and width of the window. Use the measurements to purchase a replacement window from your local home supplies shop. Remove the sash from the old window, cut through the window frame with a reciprocating saw, and remove the frame.

Unfasten the window with a screwdriver, pry it out with your hands, and set it aside. Remove any mortar from the opening with a hammer and cold chisel, and clean off debris with a dry brush.

From the inside, have a friend help you install the window frame. Fix the molding along the opening of the window, and insert the replacement window. Shim the window as appropriate to square it in the opening. Screw the window in place with a screwdriver. From outside, lay a bead of caulk along the sides of window to prevent leakage of air and water. Prime and paint the window if necessary, and scrap off dry foam with a utility knife.

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