What Tools Are Needed for Repairing a Porcelain Sink?


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Tools required to repair a porcelain sink are 220-grit sandpaper, hairdryer, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and a piece of clean tile. Other required items include porcelain repair compound, high-gloss alkyd-based paint, a putty knife, nail polish remover and straight-edge razor.

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To repair a porcelain sink, use a hair dryer to dry the chipped area completely. If repair is done when the area is still damp or wet, the repair compound cannot stick and can easily chip off. Use the sandpaper to sand the chipped area only while avoiding scraping the surrounding porcelain surface. Repeat until the edges of the chipped area attain a smooth feel. Use a damp cotton swab dipped in the rubbing alcohol to clean the sanded area. Allow the area to dry for a few minutes before applying the mixture of porcelain repair compound and high gloss alkyd-based paint.

Tools required to repair a cracked porcelain sink include a hair dryer, paint stick, rubber gloves, rag and sink cleanser. Other items include a toothpick, fine grit sandpaper, epoxy adhesive and paint to match with the sink color. Clean the sink, and dry it completely with the hair dryer. Mix the appropriate ratio of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply to the cracked area using the toothpick until it is even with the other surface. Allow it to settle for at least 24 hours before sanding off the edges and repainting the sink.

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